Steps will generally be taken by dentist is patching a damaged tooth, if the hole is not too large. But, if we feel the pain of teeth, the fillings can not be directly carried out, because then the gas in the tooth can not get out. The doctor will prescribe pain relievers or turns off the tooth nerve that we do not suffer with pain. On the next visit the teeth will be cleaned and then patched temporarily, permanently filling done on my next visit again.

If the hole is too big and not allow it to be patched, it means that the teeth should be extracted. Just like the gold fillings, the tooth cannot be revoked immediately when the teeth are still sore. This is
caused when we experience a toothache, the anesthetic drug (drug resistant so as not to hurt when teeth removed) cannot penetrate the roots of teeth, so that when the tooth to be removed will cause tremendous pain. The new extraction process can be done when a tooth is no pain and for pain relief, doctors would turn off the nerves of teeth.

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