Canadian communities now have an alternative for better dental cleanliness. Excellent for their  dental wellness, and good also for the earth. In Canada now has available a series of dental cleanliness devices created from vegetables.

EcoBrushes and EcoFlosses include toothbrushes and dentalfloss first in North America that are eco-friendly. The tools are created from maize, wheat, tapioca, and potatoes so they can break down into natural issue.

All dental items from Fresh Concept have handles created from 100% compostable bioresin and had been trademarked, which have met international standards for bioplastics and
compostabilities. The resin can go through breaking down into natural issue within 180 days in commercial recycling facilities.

Jane Nicol, marketing director of Fresh Concept, said that with Glob Day which falls in Apr, which also provided as the National Oral Health Month (in America), they want people to know that there is now a Canadian dental items are eco-friendly provide opportunities for customers to make a change for the earth.

Based on the recommendations from Canadian  Dental Association on the globe, customers are motivated to replace their toothbrush every 3 months. This means that the brush will get rid of trash, 134 million pieces each year in Canada, and 24 billion dollars misused toothbrush on the globe if everyone followed this advice.

Therefore, the development of these items can be quite mean to preserve the globe as any we live on. And on this occasion of Globe Day, Fresh Concept handing out thousands of free and EcoFlossers EcoBrushes on the streets of Van Couver, Canada.

Currently their items are also available at shopping sites like, with assortment in the forms of toothbrush for children and adults, dental floss, and mouth for the dentist's reflection.