Did you know that the action of oral sex can cause oral cavity cancer? A research from The Bob Hopkins University,  School of Medication Researchers say that the action of ora sex is one way of migration of human papillomavirus HPV), the virus that causes cervical cancer, from the cervix into the oral cavity that can lead to the overall look of oral cancer.

One research also mentioned the number of sufferers with oral cancer each year improved during the last ten years, going above even
testicular cancer cervical cancer itself. On regular sufferers were those under 45 years of age where their lovemaking is great.

Although oral sex is one of the causes of oral cavity cancer but you need not fear too much, because the chance of cancer of the oral cavity through oral sex is still quite low at 1:10,000 people. Instead of tobacco improved still a significant component resulting in oral cancer in addition to liquor. Both are high-risk 30 times more dangerous than oral sex oral. But it helps you take notice, stay devoted and not several associates in lovemaking is the best way to prevent yourself from oral cancer. Another way is to first check with you and your associate to the hospital gum area and tooth for STD examining or oral health assessments to make sure that you or your associate does not bring the HPV virus. This is mainly done for associates wanting to get married to.

Vaccination is also an alternative to prevent having the HPV virus, but only made HPV vaccination for females, especially young females, while men can only do cervical cancer avoidance vaccination by hypodermic injection is performed for 6 months with a quite expensive cost.

Couple Sex-related History
Not sure of the soulmate’s sexual record sometimes makes you feel risky oral sex although the test results declaring that you were not holding the HPV virus. For it would not harm if you wear security or contraceptives during oral sex. Although it was not a fun way for your sex life and your associate, but the safe play is better than no treatment?

Early recognition of oral cavity cancer can increase the effectiveness of therapy. Aware in case of tissue layer around the oral cavity injure that never cured after three weeks, or the overall look of small mounds around the oral cavity is red and white. Instantly contact your physician if you have any sign of the propagate of cancer in the oral cavity area.

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