London - A set of gold teeth Prime Minister Winston Churchill's auctioned this month. Gold teeth is designed specifically for Churchill to disguise since childhood lisp dialect.

Dentures this, the auction catalog with an estimated value of 4000-5000 pounds sterling. Sacred objects are sold by the son of technicians assigned to make these teeth.

Dental duplicate is on display at the museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. while a third set of teeth come buried with Churchill in 1965.

According to documents written by the Royal College of Surgeons, dental was false and designed carefully to ensure that the characteristic diction pronunciation Churchill did not miss? € "plates that deliberately designed to cope with the lisp of childhood that are still carried to the old.

"Churchill lived in fear of losing his false teeth and insisted that the reserve dentures should always be at hand, "he said.

Dentures is the latest piece of Churchill memorabilia to be auctioned. Earlier this year, one of the cigar has sold 4500 pounds. Though it can be said to have cigar butts for a half because it was smoked Churchill. Other items in the auction catalog, including Victorian cigar box that was damaged by Churchill's initials printed on the lid, two sets of playing cards made ​​for Churchill with a copy of his signature on the back.

Auction This will be held at the showroom Keys, in Norwich on July 29.

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