London - A pair of false teeth damaged property Winston Churchill, the British leader in World War II, sold at auction for U.S. $ 23,000.

To maintain appearances, Churchill was known for fiery speeches during World War II, has several sets of false teeth made ​​from the special plate is mounted on top for a natural look.

According to documents at the Royal College of Surgeons, the former prime minister was "living in fear of loss of false teeth" and always carry a backup set was taken by his personal secretary, said the caretaker's office in Ayslam auction Andrew Bullock, eastern England told CNN.

Dentures are sold USD 23,000 on Thursday, was bought by a carpenter's son Nigel Cudlipp teeth which makes Derek Cudlipp."said Nigel Cudlipp, his father always told me how the war when Churchill threw the tooth from close range," said Bullock. "They tend to break, especially when Churchill was furious."

Bullock said Churchill suffered from sore teeth and gums since childhood, as well as complications of dental problems. He eventually became a dentist named knight.

According to Allen Packwood director of the Churchill Archives Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge, in building a variety of personal items stored Churchill. One of them, obviously Packwood told CNN, is Churchill's letters to the dentist Erich Fish, written in 1936 contains the complaint because of tooth pain and unable to feel the pleasure of food.

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