Aching tooth or tooth sensitivity caused by stimulation of the nerve endings inside the small tubes that contained in the bone or tooth dentin (the layer of the tooth under the enamel). If the enamel is lost, or open a root cause of small tubes of dentin is open, it can be dental pain sensations occur when administered to excitatory stimuli such as temperature (of food or drinks hot or cold), touch stimuli, induce osmotic (sweet), and chemical stimuli (sour, teeth whitening chemical drugs).

Pain sensation may occur because these stimuli can trigger the movement of fluids in small tubes in the dentin, the movement of this fluid will stimulate nerve endings causing pains or feeling sick. Specific to chemical stimuli, these stimuli had no effect on the movement of fluid in the dentin tubes but directly stimulates the nerve endings of teeth.

There are various causes of the tubes in the dentin exposure:

1. The lost of enamel and cementum (the layer that surrounds the roots). Can be caused by:

  • Cavities (due to acid). This can be triggered by poor oral hygiene, food or acidic beverage, particular disease or disorder ( GERD, Crohn's disease, bulimia, xerostomia ), fillings or tooth anatomy is such that cause plaque retention or attachment.
  • Teeth Attrition. It is a condition of loss of enamel (email or dentin) due to friction between the tooth surface. Abnormalities found in people with bruxism (the habit of rubbing the teeth), and in the elderly (due to the use of gear that has lasted a long time).
  • Teeth Abrasion. Loss of enamel (enamel, dentin, or cementum) or mechanical damage to teeth. Can be caused by the use of a toothbrush brushing too hard in a way that is not true, the use of anti-tartar toothpastes that contain abrasives, maintenance scaling and root planning to remove tartar. exposed tooth root condition can also lead to erosion and abrasion coating cementum. Cementum is a thin layer covering the surface of the tooth root and is very prone to erosion or abrasion.
  • Trauma. Trauma resulting in cracking or rupture of the teeth can also cause open dentin. In addition to drastic changes in the teeth (such as eating and drinking with hot and cold temperatures at the same time can also cause cracks in teeth).
2. Adaptation of poor dental fillings.

3. Bleaching or teeth whitening. Sometimes, the tubes did not result in an open dentin tooth pains. Because under certain conditions, these tubes can be covered by debris or organic materials. When performing a bleaching treatment, drugs used to dissolve the debris causing dentin tubes are open again.

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