An evening food presenter was in such a rush to get to the place that when he came and sat down at the go desk, he instantly noticed that he had overlooked to get his dentures. Switching to the man next to him and said, "I forgot my teeth." The man said, "No issue." With that he achieved into his wallet and brought out a couple of dentures.

"Try these," he said. The presenter tried them. "Too loose," he said. The man then said, "I have another couple...try these." The presenter tried them and reacted, "Too tight." The man was not taken returning at all. He then said, "I have one more couple...try them." The presenter said, "They fit completely." With that he ate his food and provided his deal with.

After the evening food conference was over, the presenter went over to thank the man who had assisted him. "I want to thank you for arriving to my aid. Where is your office? I've been looking for an excellent dentist." The man responded, "I'm not a dentist. I'm the regional undertaker."

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