A company named Brush Buddies toothbrush has just introduced a series of dental health  products, Justin Bieber, in the United States. One is a musical toothbrush Justin Bieber-powered batteries. It should be owned by all fans of Justin.

Dentists  advise to brush your teeth with duration of at least 2 to 3 minutes. Brush Buddies trying to bring this recommendation to the children and adolescents to make a toothbrush that can play songs Justin Bieber in the duration time of 2 minutes. That way they would prefer to brush my teeth, and can adjust the length of brushing their teeth with the duration of the song being played.

Designed to make the event more enjoyable brushing, the
brush is equipped with two buttons, each of which will play two different Justin Bieber songs. Some are filled with song Baby and U Smile, there's also filled with
Somebody to Love and Love Me. Each song has been adapted into two-minute duration in accordance with the recommended duration of brushing teeth by dentist.

The series of Justin Bieber dental products covers a wide selection of toothbrushes children, adolescents, and adults. Or for a family package is also available Brush Buddies' all-in-one travel kit, so that they can bring their Bieber toothbrushes to travel. In addition to musical toothbrush, there are also a series of some Justin Bieber floss and flosser.

The plan of these products will be available on the market in July.

Source: justinbiebertoothbrush.com