A model of jaw mold of rock n roll legend, Elvis Presley, scheduled to be auctioned this month. Model of the jaw is made ​​directly by the king's dentist.

The model of jaw mold equipped with extra crown is expected to be auctioned for £ 10,000. This model was made ​​by Henry J Weiss, Elvis in Memphis dentist who gave the name of the jaw models made ​​by the title "King's Crown". Because it is on this model he had made ​​a crown in case of a time when Elvis broken or cracked teeth.

Jaw model and the crown is also accompanied by a letter of authentication from the five children and wife of a Doctor Weiss, and Joe Esposito of which is the road manager of Elvis.

Paul Fairweather of Omega Auctions said they were very enthusiastic about this auction, after they have successfully auctioned John Lennon gear valued at £ 19.500. While this is not the original tooth, but this is a model of Elvis' unique jaw that only one in the world.

Jaw models will go on sale by Omega Auctions, Stockport, Greater
Manchester, on 25 February.

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