Tooth decay problems are known as dental caries, is one of the health problems experienced by almost everyone. Until now, the best way recommended by the dentist to prevent cavities is by brushing and flossing routine. However, sometimes it is very difficult to apply the habit of brushing and flossing as a daily routine. 

To overcome this, it is developing a mouthwash that is targeted to the main bacteria that cause cavities, the bacterium Streptococcus mutans. A mouthwash that has been developed through
research for nearly ten years at the UCLA School of Dentistry recently tested. In clinical trials, 12 subjects who gargled with a mouthwash such time mouthwash experienced a reduction in S. Mutans almost entirely during the 4 day test period. Small-scale test results have been published in the latest edition of the international dental journals, caries research. 

Dr. Wenyuan Shi, The Head of Oral Biology from UCLA School of Dentistry, who was the leader of this previous research has also found sugarfree candy that can fight tooth decay. Dr. Shi developed a new antimicrobial technology called STAMP (specifically targeted anti-microbial peptides), which also received support from the company Colgate-Palmolive and C3-Jian Inc., The company he funded to manage the patents that have been developed from the findings. For this mouthwash, Dr. Shi using STAMP, known as Sm. STAMP C16G2. Sm. STAMP C16G2 works like a "smart bomb", which will only reduce bad bacteria alone, and the effect will remain effective for a longer period of time. 

Larger studies to get FDA approval of the plan will be carried out starting in March 2012.

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