When you are looking for about proper brushing techniques on the internet, you will probably find a lot of discovery about it. There are a lot of brushing techniques recommended by experts because it is considered quite effective in clearing plaque, which is modified Bass technique.

Here are the steps in the modification of Bass Techniques:
  • Hold your toothbrush horizontally and place the toothbrush head to the tooth surface, more precisely on the edge of the gums (the gums adjacent teeth), because this is where a lot of plaque to accumulate.
  • Tilt the toothbrush head is approximately at 45 degrees facing the tooth surface. The goal is that the brush bristles can get into the gap between the teeth to the gums is called gum pockets, and removing plaque present in it. This is a picture next to the gum pocket.
  • Horizontal movement of the brush with a very short distance or a little like a vibration and a soft pressure.
  • Brush with a movement as much as 10-20 times rubbing the new switch to the teeth next to it.
The modified Bass brush movement is done horizontally . However, you can also replace it with the movement of a circle with the angle and location of the same hair brush. Section we focus on are the edges of the gums, as much plaque builds up in this area. The crown is not brushed, you can clean them with a range of motion, for example, circular or vertical motion by pulling a hair brush from the gum to the crown.

Clean all parts of your teeth with the following steps:
  • Clean the outer surface of the tooth facing the lips and cheeks with the use of modified Bass technique. Start in the upper jaw first and then proceed to the lower jaw.
  • Clean the chewing surfaces of teeth in the dental arch to the right and left with the movement back and forth, or it may be also be played with a little rubbing as much as 10-20 times as well. Do it in the upper jaw first and then proceed to the lower jaw. Toothbrush bristles placed perpendicular to the surface facing the teeth chew.
  • Clean the surface of the tooth facing the tongue and palate using the modified Bass technique for the dental arch to the right and left. To the front of the dental arch you can clean the brush by holding it vertically facing forward. Then use the tip of the brush to draw the movement of the gum to the tooth crown. Do it in the upper jaw first and followed by the lower jaw.
  • Finally, brush the tongue surface where the most of bacteria reside with the toothbrush. The clean tongue will make your mouth feel fresher.
Hopefully you can understand more about the correct way of brushing teeth.

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